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We offer a variety of services for individuals and families. Read more about our services below to see how we can help you and your family.

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Family Mediation

Our family mediation services provide a constructive and collaborative approach to resolving disputes and finding mutually agreeable solutions outside of the courtroom. Through facilitated discussions, we create a safe and neutral environment where all parties can openly express their concerns and perspectives. As trained mediators, we help guide the conversation, ensuring that everyone is heard and understood. Our goal is to foster effective communication, promote understanding, and help you reach sustainable and mutually beneficial agreements. We assist in addressing a wide range of family-related issues, including parenting arrangements, division of assets and financial matters, including child and spousal support. With our extensive experience in family law matters and conflict resolution, we work towards preserving relationships, reducing conflict, and promoting the well-being of all family members. Our commitment to confidentiality, respect, and empathy ensures that your voice is valued throughout the mediation process.

Parenting Coordination

Our parenting coordination services are designed to provide essential support for parents navigating challenging co-parenting dynamics. We understand the complexities that can arise, and our goal is to help you create a cooperative and nurturing environment for you and your children. Through effective communication strategies and conflict management techniques, we assist in resolving disputes and promoting healthy co-parenting relationships. Our role as parenting coordinators is to facilitate productive discussions, develop practical methods to follow parenting plans and address ongoing issues. With a focus on the best interests of your children, we strive to minimize conflict and promote cooperation. Our commitment to neutrality, confidentiality, and the well-being of your family allows us to guide you in creating a positive co-parenting dynamic that sets the stage for a brighter future.

Summerhill Family Mediation offers our parenting coordination services together with Riverdale Mediation

Screening for Family Arbitration

Under Ontario’s  Arbitration Act, family arbitrators must certify that the parties for arbitration have been properly screened for power imbalances and domestic violence.  It is often the case that arbitrators prefer to refer their arbitration clients to us for third party screening, due to our expertise in this field.  Our screening for arbitration service offers a comprehensive evaluation to determine if arbitration is the right approach for resolving your dispute. Our team of trained professionals, carefully assess the unique aspects of your case. We identify any power imbalances and in our confidential report to the arbitrator, offer ways to adapt the arbitration process to best serve the client’s needs.  Sometimes the screener may determine that the file is not suitable for arbitration and that a different process would be more beneficial to their particular case. By identifying cases that may be better suited for alternative approaches, we save you valuable time and costs. 

Summerhill Family Mediation offers our screening for arbitration services together with Riverdale Mediation


Mediation-arbitration, often called “med-arb,” combines elements of both mediation and arbitration to resolve a dispute. It starts with mediation, where a neutral mediator facilitates discussions between the parties to find a resolution. If mediation doesn’t result in a full agreement, the process transitions to arbitration. The mediator then takes on the role of an arbitrator and makes a final decision based on the unresolved issues. Mediation-arbitration offers the benefit of attempting collaboration through mediation while providing a fallback option of an arbitrator’s decision if needed.

Hear the Child Report

At Summerhill Family Mediation, we firmly believe in the importance of giving children a voice in family dispute resolution processes. Under Ontario law, Children have a right to have their views and preferences considered when decisions affecting them are being made (unless it is inappropriate to so consider). Our ‘Hear the Child’ service provides a safe and confidential space for children to express their thoughts, feelings, and perspectives and the subsequent Hear the Child Report report is a verbatim, non-evaluative report that is provided to the parents.  The interviewer works through the lens of the child and not through that of the parents.  For a more detailed understanding of how the HTC interview works, please see this video:  The report does not make recommendations, evaluations or assessments; it is literally a restatement of the views of the child or youth . Our commitment to a supportive and child-centric approach ensures that children’s voices are given the attention they deserve, helping parents make informed decisions that prioritize their well-being.

Separation and Divorce Coaching

We provide compassionate guidance and support to individuals navigating the challenges of separation and divorce. Our coaching services are tailored to your specific needs, helping you manage the emotional aspects of this transitional phase and make informed decisions. In a non-judgmental space, we offer a listening ear and practical strategies to cope with the complexities of the process. Our goal is to empower you with the necessary tools and mindset to navigate this life transition with strength and resilience.

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